Stitchfix Friday

I took a Stitchfix breather for a while, because I finally got a box where I didn’t really like anything. It was painful to send the whole box back and lose that $20 styling fee! So I took a break, and months later, I was ready to get fixed up again.

I let Gabs give me her first impression on all the items. She’s my voice of reason when it comes to shopping.


Bottom line- if they don’t taste good, ix-nay on the clothes. I loved the look of everything in the box upon first glance, and hoped for my wallet’s sake that some of the items wouldn’t fit so they’d be easy ‘no’s’. Does anyone else do that?? I’m probably just a weirdo who needs forced self-control.

#1. I was so excited when I saw this in my box! I saw another blogger get this top and I thought it was so cute on her!

#2. I’m a sucker for the flowy tops. It’s my go-to for a quick outfit and is so light and airy for a summer day. I loved the print and small zipper detail.

#3. I liked this fun and bright chevron print, but was not a fan of the length and neckline. I was disappointed on the fit because I love bright colors!

#4. Again, loved the bright blue and the material this shirt was made out of was SO SOFT. If every piece of clothing I owned was made of this, I’d be in heaven. However, I don’t do cowl-neck. I just don’t. I had to adjust the shirt a lot to lay like this, otherwise it was kind of bunchy.

#5. Lastly, this fun statement necklace! Navy with gold, and loved the length. I think this is the first time I ever kept jewelry from a fix!


Man, I look like such a dweeb trying on clothes. Pardon the selfies! I do love that we can try on clothes in the comfort of our own homes with Stitchfix- as well as try the pieces on with items from our own closet.

This is the perfect shopping experience for me, as its not as easy to try things on at the mall anymore while trying to keep Gabby entertained- plus those fitting rooms are teensy! My stylist for this fix really listened to my comments and gave me an A+ box.

I ended up keeping #1, #2, and #5! Most successful fix thus far- and so easy to send back the items I chose not to keep!

Have you gotten your fix yet? Here’s a link to get you started!


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