6 months ago

Six months ago, this happened.


6 MONTHS ago! Someone quoted this to me the other day` “These are some of the longest days of your life, but the shortest years.” I couldn’t agree more, and a year hasn’t even passed yet. I can think of a handful of the ‘longest days’ part.

Like when Gabby got croup the first time- I was sure she was having an allergic reaction at 11:30 at night, and medical help never seemed so far away. Thankfully it was just a cough, but time went by really slow that night!

Or even the first day we had her- she choked in the hospital, and panic swept over me like a blanket depriving me of air. A nurse rushed in, pounded Gabs on the back firmly, and reassured me {while I bawled} that I would be able to handle it when I went home with her.

Or that first week we had her home- when I woke up to feed her for the third time that night and was so groggy that I bundled up a BLANKET and took it to the nursery to feed it, while leaving my precious daughter fast asleep in her bassinet.

Long days? Yes, they were.

But those days are totally worth it- because most days are like this.

She is my sunshine, in summary. She is the happiest, most talkative little sweetheart. She’s curious, a fast learner, and loves to jump! She’s sitting up, babbling, and a TOTAL daddy’s girl. To celebrate her 6 month (half) birthday, today we are getting pedicures with a friend, frozen yogurt and baby food with grandma, and hopefully going to the gym for the first time in 6 months!!

Happy Monday!


P.S. The husband and I are going to try a {mostly} vegetarian month of September- any vegetarian recipes you want to share with us would be greatly appreciated!


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