Gourmet Veggie Bagelwich


One of the best parts of living in the country are the endless choices of fruit stands that line the road to our house. One stand even sells milk, eggs, butter and bread as well– if it wasn’t the furthest one away, I wouldn’t ever need to step foot in a grocery store!


Well, that’s not entirely true. Where would I get my chocolate other pantry staples? Anyways, I stopped at both of these fruit stands in one day in order to pick up all the goods for our dinner last night.


I have always loved veggie sandwiches, but I knew that Joey would need an extra something in order to deem it a sufficient dinner. A quick google search of “manly veggie sandwich” led me to the simple addition of a cream cheese spread to take it up a notch!


While Joey didn’t think cream cheese made the cut as a ‘manly’ addition, he did give the bagel two thumbs up and gave the go-ahead to make this for dinner again!


Gourmet Veggie Bagelwich: spinach leaves, sliced tomato, cucumber, sprouts, avocado, red onion.


Cream cheese spread: 1/3 less fat cream cheese, parsley, dill

toasted bagels





P.S. I’ve been asked a few times now, ‘how in the world do you get Joey to eat vegetarian?? ‘ Well, first of all, it was kind of his idea! The next trick sounds a little mean, but I have stopped asking what he wants for dinner. He’s not a picky guy and usually likes the end product- and if I even mention ‘tofu’, he’d inhale a steak just to get the sound out of his ears. So, it’s a surprise from now on! Ingredient list is given AFTER dinner. 🙂


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