Meatless Monday {unfortunately}


It’s really not that unfortunate. Because these spring rolls are to die for. Having said that, I had my once-weekly ‘cheat’ Sunday gourmet burger yesterday and it was just so dang good. So dang good, in fact, that I think the memory of it will propel me into another successful vegetarian week.


Remember when I told you that Joey ate tofu? This was the occasion in which he broke every man-law in order to help me make this vegetarian month happen. Did he love it? Nah. He did say it was acceptable for this month though. I think it helped that the tofu was fried 🙂



This was a totally easy and quick dinner, and I’m thinking kids might like the fun-ness of it. I could be totally wrong though, Gabs wasn’t subjected to the ‘horrors’ of tofu just yet. Anyhow, here’s a meatless monday recipe for you!


egg roll wrappers


shredded cabbage, shredded carrots (i tossed with sesame ginger dressing)

fried tofu, seasoned with garlic powder and rice flour

miso ginger dressing

water for sealing egg roll wrappers

~ wrap it all up and either fry it in a little oil, or bake them! Takes about 5 minutes to assemble, and less time to fry.

I made a quick dipping sauce with a mixture of soy sauce, sesame oil, a pinch of sugar, and rice vinegar. Totes delish.


I’m off to some more torture cycling class this morning, it’s killer but I’m always on top of the world after a good workout (and a shower). By the way, K does still contribute to this blog! She is a busy little stinker lately, but is coming at you with a life update shortly 🙂




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