Turkey Club Meatballs

Vegetarian month challenge ended last week, and we have been celebrating ever since. It’s kind of embarrassing, actually- chicken, Turkey Club Meatballs, burgers, and pot roast. That’s been our list of dinners since the challenge ended, so whatever ‘good’ happened with all those veggies was completely undone within 4 days.


That’s how we roll! I still have a bunch of recipes that we enjoyed during our challenge, so I’ll continue to share those in the future- a lot of my favorites were actually just roasted veggies(mostly sweet potatoes)  with hummus and cottage cheese. I seriously could live on that, almost did in fact.

Until my body was screaming for meat, in which case I answered that plea with those Turkey Club Meatballs I was talkin’ about earlier. Whoa dang- whoever’s idea it was to blend bacon and mix it with turkey and cheese into a sizzling ball of tastiness needs to be my friend. Blenders are the business right now, folks. We had a few friends over for dinner the other night and this was a total crowd-pleaser!


We gobbled these up so fast, I only had time to snap a photo of the last two that made it into my salad for lunch the next day.


I found the recipe over here! I just added mozzarella cheese, so I could rename them Turkey Club Meatballs. Cuz I make the rules here.


And, of course, a picture of my little meatball. Dang, I wish I dressed as cute as Gabby! They should sell adult women’s outfits in ‘sets’ like they sell infant clothes. They should also be the same price. Capiche?



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