K’s First Stitch Fix!

The box is even pretty!

The box is even pretty!

I think I scared the mailman when he delivered this. I saw him walking up to the door with my beautiful Stitch Fix box and, mature 26-year-old that I am, I calmly waited for him to ring the doorbell before thanking him politely for the delivery.

Juuuuust kidding. I ran to the door (with my green face mask still on) and clapped my hands like a 2 year old until he got up the step! Naturally. I’m a child at heart, see? 😉

For my birthday M started up a Stitch Fix account for me and put some money towards my first one. In other words- she spoiled me rotten. I’ve never been an online clothes shopper but this was amazing! They totally nailed my style, and I already have another Fix scheduled 🙂 M has already shared her Stitch Fix successes and how it works, but here’s a quick recap: First you fill out a style profile with preferences on style and price, then you schedule a Fix and pay a $20 styling fee to have the first box of five items picked by a personal shopper sent to you! The $20 styling fee goes toward anything you keep, so you really get your money’s worth. If you keep the whole box, you get 25% off! Keep what you love, and throw whatever you don’t keep in the prepaid postage bag they sent and get it in the mail within three days! Piece-o-cake.

I called M as soon as I closed the front door, and I don’t think I uttered a complete sentence for our whole conversation- I just ooh-ed and ahh-ed over every piece of clothing I pulled out of that wonderful box.

1. This style is me to a T. Loved everything about it!

Navy blue with little white tulips

Navy blue with little white tulips

2. This too was gorgeous- the fabric was a favorite, just a little tight in the shoulders.

Coral with a white pattern and bronze stud embellishments

Coral with white polka dots and bronze stud embellishments

3. I need to find something to say other than ‘I loved this’- but I did! It was the perfect comfy fall sweater.

Grey chunky knit sweater

Grey chunky knit sweater

4. Hands down my favorite- fit, color, style, fabric, price- I have nothing like it in my closet, so it was the perfect combo of my style with something new for me to try.

Maroon and black striped sweater

Maroon and black striped sweater

5. These earrings were my style exactly! This wasn’t actually on the list of things on the invoice they sent me, but if this happens, all you have to do is let them know via email and they’ll adjust it for you.

Bird-in-a-hoop earrings

Bird-in-a-hoop earrings

I intensely dislike trying clothes on in a dressing room at the store- all these other strangers milling around in there with you, I get self conscious. And it’s always frustrating finding a shirt that’s cute in the dressing room only to find out it looks completely different with my favorite pair of pants and in ‘real world lighting’. Stitch Fix eliminates both of those annoying bits about shopping in-store, plus it gives you that opening presents on Christmas feel- something to look forward to, and maybe keeps me from splurging on those random shopping trips if I know I have a Stitch Fix coming soon.

I ended up keeping #4- the maroon sweater, and sending everything else back. While every piece fit my style perfectly, each of the other pieces was a little off either in fit or price. Still, a huge success! There’s a neat little feedback section after you send your items back, too, that lets you say why exactly you didn’t keep the items you sent back, that way they can hone your next Fix even better…I mean, I have yet to find a negative about this method of shopping!

Thank you M, for a fantastic gift!

If any of you haven’t tried it yet, here’s a startup link! Use either M’s or mine 🙂




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