I Don’t Even Know


I don’t even know where to start! We took a little breaksy from the blog for no apparent reason other than…. I don’t even know. Busy? Definitely yes. But when isn’t life busy? Eh, anyways, we are back and just in time for Halloween/ Reformation day!

Here’s my little pajama calf.




Speaking of my little moo-cow, Gabs has learned quite a few things during the past few weeks! Crawling… “SO BIG”!…  waving, has two teeth…and holding her own bottle (= LIFE CHANGING) it’s all pretty exciting. I realize I’m fawning over everyday things, but hey- I’m the mom, I get to freak out with excitement over the little things. But seriously, her teeth are the cutest.







I haven’t really tried many new recipes lately either, we’ve been sticking to familiar, tried and true dinners lately and it’s been a little boring, but hey. It’s food. Speaking of tried and true, have ya’ll made this yet? Or for you meat-lovers, this is always a favorite. I promise you’ll thank me later. OR you can check out this lady’s instragram for endless and beautiful meal options- she’s been the inspiration for my grocery list this week!

That’s all for today, we do so appreciate whoever takes the time to read {and hopefully enjoy} our blog about random things- I have a couple surprises for ya’ll and you’ll be pretty floored.

I’ve been crafting. Yeah. More on that later.



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  1. I miss that sweet munchkin 🙂 and happy to see you back to blogging 🙂


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