Back to School

After a prompt from my dear aunt on Facebook reminding me that M and I do, in fact, have a blog- I decided that this could be a very good outlet for me to get back into. I’m going to be really honest though, there probably won’t be much cooking going on on my behalf! My wonderful husband has taken over the house completely so that I can focus on school and not stress about all that fun housekeeping stuff I’m usually so good about doing.


So I started graduate school for social work in August, and I thought I was prepared. I was so excited to get going and have an awesome learning experience learning stuff I really want to learn, you know? I even bought different color highlighters because Office Depot is like Target to me. I could spend hours, people. Hours.

Silly little me with my highlighters.

The first day, literally, reality hits and I realize that undergrad is like kindergarten compared to this.
“I’m sorry, this is 12 page literary review is due when? Oh, next week? Awesome. That’s what I thought.”
“Ah, you know we have to sleep at some point, right?”
So help me, if another professor asks our class if we saw the ‘awesome’ movie that came out last weekend, the professor may need to hide behind the desk.
“You do know that you’re not the only class we’re taking, right?”

I do love it. I really do. My classmates are phenomenal, too- I don’t know if it’s because we’re social workers or if it’s just this unique group of people that is never silent. EVER. It’s pretty fantastic.

In all honesty, it has been a huge adjustment. There is very little room for a social life (I tried, okay? I tried to have a social life a couple weeks ago on the weekend and I think I almost broke.) because the whole ‘3 hours of studying per every unit you are taking’ thing is accurate.

But I am learning an awful lot of techniques and theories that I will use forever. And I’m forming more opinions, learning how and when to voice them, and learning to put my trust in God so much more.

The hard work is paying off! And I’m loving every bit of it 🙂

So…welcome back (to me? to you? both?) to Dutch Sisters. I’ve really missed this. Major props to Aunt Jodi for nudging us back! The only recipe I have today is 40% off pizza at Mountain Mike’s on Tuesdays…..I wish I was joking :/ I’ll have to start getting Curtis’ recipes so I have something original-ish to share.

Or I could just push the food stuff to M….

I’ll be back soon!!


(the above is courtesy of Pinterest and all its wonderful words of wisdom.)

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