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Book Review: The Giver

I needed a quick read this past weekend, something to sit down with and just relax and not get sucked into. So I re-read The Giver, by Lois Lowry. If you never had to read it in high school, I highly suggest it! It’s another of my favorites.



The Giver Photo

It’s a story about a community where there is no color, no sense of love or family, and there are no memories of a world where there they had any of those things. By choosing ‘sameness’, this community believes they can avoid strife completely- family ‘units’ are selected by a committee, live in a dwelling together, and separate when the children grow and are selected for their own family units. Career paths are chosen for each person by another committee who judge each person’s aptitude. All aspects of life are viewed on a basis of usefulness and efficiency rather than emotions and personal choices. The story follows a boy named Jonas who, when it is his turn to be chosen for a career path, is selected to be the community’s next Receiver of Memory- a rare selection. The Receiver of Memory holds all past memories of the world- love and hate, war and famine, colors and music, none of which is known by anyone but the Receiver. He is a part of the community only to hold these memories in order to aid the committees with his wisdom of past times when they come across a problem they do not know how to solve. This story deals with Jonas discovering that his utopian world is actually dystopian- and coming to realize that he will have to choose his path on his own for the first time in his life. 

It’s quite a short book, and perfect for a little bit of light reading with some really amazing insights to living an imperfect world.



P.S. Goes really well with a good cup of coffee and some of M’s Almond Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies…..


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Sharpies in the Washing Machine…

My job (coffeehouse) requires that I have at least one sharpie on my person at all times. My other job (drycleaners) requires that I check all pockets of clothing before cleaning.

So, when I’m doing laundry at home you’d think I would be extra smart and check my pockets for sharpies before putting stuff in the washing machine. You’d think.

You can see where this story is going.

I ruined one of my favorite shirts that I’ve had since before I got married- three years ago! Which, aside from long-term attachment, means it’s no longer in stores.

And it was so cute 😦

I love the color and fit and style!

I love the color and fit and style!

These ugly little marks are ALL OVER

These ugly little marks are ALL OVER


After wallowing in self pity and frustration with myself, I decided this was not over. In the deep recesses of my bathroom cupboard, I found two bottles of RIT dye, less than $4 a bottle, one was blue and one black.

I loosely followed the directions using the sink method, I used about 1 gallon of hot water to about 1/3 of the blue bottle 1/4 of the black and stirred constantly for 20 minutes. Then I rinsed it until the water ran clear and washed it alone and dried it on the delicate cycle.



I’m serious, I was not expecting this to work. I love that the sequins stayed pink and that every single sharpie mark is no longer visible! The shade of purple is not like anything I have in my closet, so it’s kind of like I’m stepping outside of my usual ‘color box’ with this ‘brand-new’ three year old shirt.

So, if you ever have a little mishap like mine, try the dye method instead of spending big bucks on the same exact thing! Totally opens up new doors for older items that have faded too 🙂



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30 weeks!

Happy 30 weeks to my little peanut!


He/she is definitely growing quickly in there… and loving to move around. On mornings that I don’t work, I tend to stay in bed a little bit longer than usual, and just enjoy the movement I feel from in there- and at the same time, let my mind go crazy wondering if its a SON or a DAUGHTER we have in there!!

The suspense… It’s driving me wonderfully crazy.

How far along? Exactly 30 weeks!

Do you think it’s a boy or a girl? We go back and forth. Both of us 100% want a girl… and 100% want a boy. So we’re good either way 😉

Maternity clothes? Oh yes! I wear some non-maternity clothes from time to time, but the maternity apparel is way more comfortable.

Stretch marks? Still clear! My dear friend Jess got me some ‘Bio Oil’ to prevent stretching because she heard awesome things about it- so far so good!

Sleep? Sleeping well- I used to be a tummy sleeper so that was an adjustment, but no more soreness or mid-night bathroom breaks… weird?

Movement? Tons! And its visible from the outside- which Joey is mesmerized by… and a little freaked out sometimes.

Any cravings? Not really… I did eat far too many Hershey kisses this past weekend which made me feel sick. But darn, they were good. Oh, and I probably have one Arnold Palmer every single day. Almost.

Been feeling good? Yup! Feeling great- no nausea, energy is good, and been able to continue exercising. I had been comfortable jogging most days, but lately it’s been a little more uncomfortable so I have swapped jogging for power walking or the elliptical. I’m excited to try some prenatal yoga next Monday which is taught by one of my good friends! I’m hoping that will help with some of the low back pain I’ve been having… ouch.

Side note: SO many people in our community are pregnant right now, it’s amazing! Hopefully everyone is feeling well and getting enough rest. One thing that was a HUGE relief for me was switching out the regular prenatal horse-sized pills for the fruit-flavored gummy ones. I would try try try to keep those huge pills down every day, but either couldn’t keep them down, or just forgot  avoided taking them. Which made me feel like a horrible mom-before-I’m-a-mom. So my mom and I went to the store and found some gummy fruity prenatal pills and I look forward to taking them every day! They aren’t quite as nutrient packed as the horse pills, but something is better than nothing- And I try to take one of the nasty ones at least once a week. Worked for me, hope it helps someone else who may be struggling with the pranatals.

Nursery update!




A working progress! We got most of our furniture, just have to assemble the crib. And I just love how it looks- and by the way, we didn’t end up painting gray- we went neutral with ‘Fig Cookie’ tan… and now I’m wondering what a fig cookie would taste like…

So that’s what’s up over here- 10 weeks to go!!!

See ya soon, my babe.




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Marshmallow Fondant

Ok guys. K is gonna do a dessert post. Those are usually M’s prerogative but she kind of bullied me into doing this one. Haha! Just kidding 🙂

I had never tried to make any kind of fondant before, but a friend gave me this recipe and it works SO WELL! If any of you have ever tasted fondant, you know that it’s more like pretty gift wrapping for a yummy cake rather than something delicious in itself. But this recipe totally changes that! Last year I made a birthday cake for a friend’s daughter’s 3rd birthday and used this recipe for the first time. I’m super bummed that I no longer have the picture due to computer crashes and getting a new phone, but you can see this year’s cake!

This particular birthday girl loves pink and Hello Kitty. So I used white cake (which is delicious!) and I used red food dye to make it pink. I don’t know why they call it red food dye, because I think you’d have to squeeze 12 of those tiny bottles of dye into something for it to actually come out red. They should just call it pink. But whatever. The cake was pink.

pink swirls!!

You can’t really tell til you cut it open. I promise, it’s pink. Hello Kitty pink.

Oh, I feel like I should warn you. This fondant making process is very messy. Fun, but messy.

It’s so soft! and really easy to work with!

kneads like bread!

See the counter? That’s powdered sugar and crisco. ALL. OVER. 🙂

After it’s kneaded, I rolled it out (using a rolling pin, not magic, M;) )to a half inch thick which is enough to cover a 9×13 cake that’s two layers thick.

Then, we move on to covering the cake with the fondant. Before you put the fondant on, you lightly ice the cake with whatever frosting you like. What’s wonderful about this part is that you can fix any not-so-pretty things that may have happened with the cake. For me, that would be one of the layers coming out of what I thought was a well-greased 9×13 pan in 5 pieces. The frosting now becomes the glue that holds everything together. And it turned out great. Not great enough to take close pictures of though, sorry. 😀 (I really just forgot again.)

See! you can’t even tell the bottom layer of cake was in 5 pieces 🙂

‘Scuse the huge mess back there.

Smooth everything out with the hands…..(after you wash the Crisco off)

Then use your pastry cutter/pizza slicer to cut the excess fondant…..

At this point, leave a little extra at the bottom just to be safe. When you’ve completely smoothed everything out to your satisfaction, cut that last little bit off.

Voila! Perfecto!

Now, M thinks there is some form of magic involved to getting the fondant to lay flat and look perfect. There’s not. I PROMISE YOU.

This is truly so easy, I don’t know what to tell you except try it yourself!

Here’s the final project!

The way I did the colored fondant was just by taking a small amount of the fondant, adding red (PINK) food coloring, and kneading it in my hands til the color was blended. Key point here. WEAR GLOVES. Food coloring + bare hands = stained hands that are very hard to get clean.

I just cut each piece out by hand and laid it on top! Then, to outline Miss Hello Kitty, I used the black spray icing that you can buy at any grocery store, and that comes with different tips.

This was such a fun dessert to make! Tasted delicious, looked cute, and was only at a level 4 difficulty on a scale of 1 to 10!

A few tips:

– the cake must be completely cooled. If possible, bake it the night before. Putting fondant on an even slightly warm cake is a bad idea.

– don’t try this for the first time on an actual cake for an event or person without doing a test trial first. It’s a good idea to make the fondant one time before you actually need it so if it gets messed up and you’ve promised someone a three tiered cake with fondant peacock feathers you don’t have a panic attack. Totally hypothetical.

– the recipe says to use Jet-Puff marshmallows (that name brand only). Listen! I tried a no name brand, and it was not nearly as pliable or smooth. Not worth the 50 cents you save.

– use a lot of Crisco!!

And have tons of fun 🙂


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Kitchen Impossible

It has been waaay too long. I sincerely apologize. I must remind myself that blogging ,for me, really is relaxing and I must do it more often. Now that our kitchen project is complete, I think I’ll be able to! Curtis and I rent, so we do not really have a say in any major changes to the house, but painting and rearranging can really help things a lot.  (Anyone who watches Restaurant Impossible catch my little nod to the show in the title? Chef Robert is Curtis’ and my favorite. We speak in funny British accents when cooking…..we’re weird, I know.) So we’ve kind of been trying to make our rental a little more ‘us’ and a little more ‘home-y’, mainly meaning getting rid of all the flat white walls throughout the entire house. Remember how all my walls have paint samples all over them? And it was annoying me endlessly? Well, that’s still the case. Except in the kitchen! we finally got around to painting just one room, but it was the one I really wanted done, and it’s the best color ever.

Here’s our old color. A really bright yellow…..and Curtis and me 🙂









Ever since M painted her guest bathroom La Marina blue (from Kelly Moore) I have coveted it so badly I’m almost ashamed to admit it. Almost.

*sigh* I love it so much. It’s the perfect shade of blue-grey-green for me- and my kitchen counters, cabinets, and floors are so glaringly white I felt the darkness would balance very well.

And it does.

*sigh* I really do love it









Also, I rearranged EVERYTHING so I could have counter space. Made the biggest difference ever.









I really can’t even describe how much I love how it turned out! I do my homework in my kitchen now. That’s weird, I know. But if my kitchen is clean (and that’s a big ‘if’, people), it can be a very calming place! Which is awesome on another level, because it actually helps me keep the kitchen cleaner….and the rearranging helped too. Having counter space helps me cook more because I’m not cramped with my two square feet of work room, so then since I’m cooking more, I branch out and cook new things, and then I branch out even more and cook healthier…..and it’s just one great big circle of happy, healthy people who aren’t starving cuz the kitchen’s messy.  I’m not into Feng Shui or anything, but the way a room is arranged totally changes the mood of the room and your mood too. I guess that’s Feng Shui. So maybe I am into it.

All I did was paint for 8 hours and move the microwave. Amazing. 🙂


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Peacock Sunburst Canvas

So last time M and I went into a craft store together, she talked me into buying this pack of Handmade Indian peacock paper just cuz it was pretty. So of course, I did.

I just love all the pretty colors….

I’ve been seeing all these cute ideas on Pinterest for crafts and I’ve totally been getting carried away with hoarding the craft supplies that I buy for them- supposedly saving them for ‘the perfect project’. I think I realized it when M came over to put stuff together for her sister-in-law’s baby shower. She would ask if I had glue and I’d bring out four different kinds. She’d ask for some scrapbook paper and receive a blank stare. ‘Please specify,’ I’d reply, ‘What color? Size? Theme?’. That was when I came to terms with the fact that I have a mini-craft store in my spare bedroom. (I was a little proud of my collection, not gonna lie. I like having options.) So now I have decided to craft for a bit with what I have already.  No more trips to the store. (Glue does not count. But since I have several bottles, I don’t think that will be an issue.)


So for this craft, I was inspired by a Pinterest find using canvas, paint, and scrapbook paper.

Aren’t the colors gorgeous!?









I painted over a canvas I had done awhile ago, just cuz I was sick of it and I really wanted to do this specific project on a larger scale.

I did like the blues…..but this baby needed to be grey. 😦









Then I used my peacock paper and cut leaf shapes out. I saved the scraps- I’m sure I’ll need them for something eventually. 🙂

I have no idea what the real name for that cutting device is, so I call it my ‘roll-y cutty thing‘. It’s truly wonderful. No wrist-soreness even after cutting about a hundred little leaf shapes. It is quite sharp too-  it can cut easily through poster board and fabric! I highly recommend it. I got it on sale at Joann’s. Apparently, it’s called a rotary cutter. I like my name better.

I wanted a sunburst look, so I cut a circle for the leaves to center around and started gluing!

I did sneak in a little piece of lace behind the center circle….just cuz I had some 🙂











The placement and gluing took some time. I spaced them out more the farther they got from the circle (which, you can’t tell here, is located in the bottom left of the canvas).








I like to utilize the sides of my canvases. I don’t frame anything, so the sides need to be part of the art 🙂

Here’s the finished project! I really want to hang it in my kitchen once its painted- the color scheme will work very well together, I think.










I love it. 🙂 But now my canvas supply is seriously depleted…..No. I will use the 8 x 10 ones I have before I go get more. I will be patient. I will….



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Iced coffee….and cream.

Let me just say, I have wanted to take this picture for such a long time. For some reason, watching the cream curl (there is no better word for this) into the coffee fascinates me every time! I’m easily entertained. But do you see what I mean?!

The contrast of the white against the dark just….makes me want to line up twelve cups of iced coffee and do this over and over again. Also, pouring cream into iced coffee makes me want to paint something. I think the swirls of cream resemble the way oil paint looks on the palette when I mix colors. Or lava. Or kind of like arms reaching, reaching down. And the cool thing is, it’s a really slow process if you don’t move the cup. Try it. Tell me you didn’t sit there staring at it the whole time just watching the ribbons of cream get pulled towards the bottom of the cup. I sure did, like a two year old.

Ohh, it just looks so pretty. And tastes fantastic too.
Ok. I’m gonna go line up my cups now. And possibly paint something. Or just smear paint on a palette and see if that cures this obsession.


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