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Iced coffee….and cream.

Let me just say, I have wanted to take this picture forĀ such a long time. For some reason, watching the cream curl (there is no better word for this) into the coffee fascinates me every time! I’m easily entertained. But do you see what I mean?!

The contrast of the white against the dark just….makes me want to line up twelve cups of iced coffee and do this over and over again. Also, pouring cream into iced coffee makes me want to paint something. I think the swirls of cream resemble the way oil paint looks on the palette when I mix colors. Or lava. Or kind of like arms reaching, reaching down. And the cool thing is, it’s a really slow process if you don’t move the cup. Try it. Tell me you didn’t sit there staring at it the whole time just watching the ribbons of cream get pulled towards the bottom of the cup. I sure did, like a two year old.

Ohh, it just looks so pretty. And tastes fantastic too.
Ok. I’m gonna go line up my cups now. And possibly paint something. Or just smear paint on a palette and see if that cures this obsession.


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