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DIY Kitchen Curtains

I made curtains this weekend! Quite proud of myself, actually. Since I painted my kitchen months and months ago, my windows have been naked, and needing some pizzazz! So my mother-in-law helped me find some pretty fabric- at WALMART no less. Now just for the record, I shop at Walmart for a lot of things, but I was a little surprised and excited I found such good quality and cute canvas fabric there!
So here’s how I did it:
***first wash and iron your fabric so you start with it fresh and unwrinkled***

First, I laid the fabric out on the ground and used the curtain rods to measure how long and wide I wanted them to be.
Then I doubled the fabric over, so that the curtains would end up being double sided and also have a little volume, and I cut it and set it aside.

Because I used two pieces/styles of fabric (one for the curtain rod to pass through) and one larger section for the bottom portion, I cut a 7″ piece of the ‘curtain rod’ part that was the same width as the bottom portion.

Now for the sewing, this is actually the easy part, since you only sew five straight lines!
With this pattern, I basically made a loop of fabric with a seam sewn near the top for the rod to go through.
So, begin by folding and pinning the sides just a half inch or so and hemming the sides to create a finished look.
Then, I took the top edge of the bigger section of fabric and laid it pattern side up. After that I matched up the smaller section of fabric and laid it on top of the larger portion- patterned side to patterned side. I sewed the edges together in one straight seam, and did that one more time to the other side of the two pieces, creating that continuous circle of fabric.


Then, I laid the curtains out how I wanted them to look when they would be hanging from the rod, and matched up the front seam to the one on the back, and sewed right over that seam (on my curtains, its the seam where the fabric changes) to make the loop that the rod goes through.



Since I chose to use two fabrics, that complicated this a little- so if you decide to make your own curtains, know that you can do so by using one piece of fabric and sewing four straight lines 🙂
For the windows I decorated, I had two curtains to make, so I merely followed these directions two times to make two small curtains!
It took less than an hour, minus washing time 🙂
And now my windows are no longer naked!


Now, if I could only get Jasper to help me fold my laundry instead of using it as a bed….



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Coffee Date and Les Misérables

Sorry for M and I being more absent than usual. We are both experiencing some technical difficulties with our Internet, so we are communicating on this blog 100% via our phones. I thought I was tech savvy til now. Ha! We’ll see how this goes.
Mom, Linds, M, and I have decided to do a book club this summer and read Les Misérables ‘together’. We have all seen the old movie, most of us (everyone except me) have seen the new movie, and none of us have read the book. Coming from a family of ‘the book is always better than the movie’, this is kind of illegal- so! We are reading. And discussing. And the first discussion was so cool!
For any of you who do not know the story of Les Mis- Jean Valjean is a good man who served 20 years in prison for stealing a loaf of bread. He is released from prison, but cannot find honest work anywhere. Valjean receives mercy from a very humble and truly godly bishop only to be pursued for the rest of his life by a so called ‘godly’ man named Javert.
Since this was the first meeting, we got sidetracked sitting outside Starbucks just catching up on each others news and also got into a conversation with a man walking by who was telling people about the mission he is running for men and he asked what Les Mis was about. After mom explained it, he said,’ it’s kind of like a parable isn’t it? An earthly story with a heavenly message.’ And it’s true! The first chapters cover nothing but how the bishop came to be such a disciple of Christ, and such a humble man, and we each had different views of it but we were all amazed at how this man chose to have absolutely nothing in order to give everything to those who needed it. Made us reevaluate our needs and wants a bit. Funny how ‘stuff’ we think we need and ‘stuff’ we think will solve all our problems can get in the way of doing what God has planned for us.
I think this book reading and discussing is the start of a really good thing…can’t wait to see what we learn next!
P.s. a man walking down the sidewalk with two 7 week old pit bulls allllmost had Lindsey convinced she’s an animal person. Allllmost.


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Cleaning House

Starting the summer off with the wedding of my cousin (who is has also been one of my best friends since I moved to California) is probably going to be really hard to beat! The wedding itself was beautiful- Ashley has a way of making her visions come to life, and this was no exception. It looked like a fairy tale!!! I’m waiting for pictures to be posted because I, dork that I am, barely took any photos at all. We’ll have to rely on M for those.
As M mentioned, last weekend was also baby sisters graduation from high school. Not sure how I feel about that yet….
…happy that she’s done with high school?
…excited that she gets to start college?
….I feel really old? (Maybe)
….feel like she should still be collecting rocks and playing tea party with Kool-Aid and Cheerios?
that’s it.

Ah well. We all have to grow up eventually. 😉 I’m sure Linds feels like we wish she’d be 4 forever! Hehe…;)

I started off my summer after wedding and graduation by tackling my toilet. Sorry for the face plant into my reality, but there ya go. My home suffered during this past semester so it is now time for spring cleaning! And it wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it was going to be. For years I have tried to use a pumice stone- never again. Drywall sanding screens are the only thing that even made a dent and my toilet bowl looks brand new. I’d post a picture, but I forgot to do a ‘before’ shot and I feel like that might be too much info for one post. You’re welcome. 🙂
P.s. here’s two pics of two cuties just cuz it’s Thursday.



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Jasper Grows Up

Speaking of children growing older– my baby, Jasper, is getting humongous. He is no longer the teeny tiny little ball of fur he once was.

How precious is he, I ask you? At just a few days old...

How precious is he, I ask you? At just a few days old…


Now he weighs like, 40.

5 months/about 4 years in human age 🙂

Let me tell you something about this dog. I mentioned before that he is an indoor dog who is allowed in the bed. I thought I would be the one regretting this but after Curtis nearly got pushed out of bed the other night by our 40 pound ‘puppy’, I think he is now the one regretting it. Heehee!

He starts out sleeping at the foot of the bed and winds up….



In yo’ face. Literally, we wake up in the morning and he is sleeping between our heads. Not okay.

But apparently, we’re just a pair of pushovers over here. This does not bode well for us when we have children.

But of course, we’ll simply learn to say ‘no’. Cuz it’s that easy.



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Merry Christmas!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! I know we did- lots of games, a walk with mom’s dog, really really good food, and a healthy dose of family 🙂


M taking a peek at my AWESOME cookbook….she’s a great gifter. 🙂 Can’t wait to share some of these recipes!


M and Joey passed Winnie the Pooh back and forth all night to practice for baby Judah! 🙂


Tamales! Our Christmas Day dinner tradition


M and Lindsey had a ‘nunchuck/wrapping paper roll/sword’ fight….




M and Joey on our dogwalking expedition 🙂


Gibbs may have bitten off more than he could chew….he almost knocked me on my butt trying to run to Curtis!!


Curtis and me on our walk!


Merry Christmas from M and K!!!

‘Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, goodwill toward men.’

Luke 2:14


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Book Review: The Art of Racing in the Rain


Guys…this book is fantastic. I will admit that I do tend to judge a book by its cover and, initially, this was one of those. I liked the shade of blue, and I love golden retrievers (that is to say, I love the idea of golden retrievers), so this book caught my eye. Then, when I read the first few pages I totally got sucked in! That’s the key for me. If I find myself wondering about what I’m going to make for dinner while I’m ‘test-reading’ a book, I end up putting it back. But when I find myself thinking ‘Eh, Curtis can make dinner tonight….I’m just gonna read’, then I know it’s a keeper. 🙂

The part about this book that makes it special is that it’s written in the dog’s voice. You’re seeing the story of a family from beginning to end from Enzo’s perspective. And it is fantastically perceptive. I don’t have a dog, I kind of have half a cat (a stray that hangs around because Curtis feeds her but she won’t let us touch her…?), so I wasn’t sure if this story about ‘man’s best friend’ would affect me, but it did. Enzo has all kinds of theories on life and what an amazing human he would be if he comes back in his next life as a human. You see the duality of his mind as he behaves like a dog (greeting other dogs by sniffing each other) and then uses his knowledge gathered from various TV stations to comment with surprising insight on why the lack of opposable thumbs and a voice are the only thing separating him from being an ‘amazing’ human. I found myself viewing animals in a different way- I know they don’t think like we do, but I do sometimes forget that they are living things. It was emotional to read, because there is such love between Enzo and his owner, Denny, and when conflicts unfold and emotions run high in the book I find myself wishing Enzo really had a voice so Denny could truly understand the loyalty he had in his ‘best friend’.

All in all, I highly recommend this book. It’s a great relaxing read that’s perfect to take on a vacation or read slowly when you have time.

Just to warn you though- If you don’t have a dog, you’ll want one by the time you’re done. If you do have a dog, you’re going to look at him/her differently (in a good way). I may have shed a tear or two while reading. But that’s just how I am- I’m that person that forgets that characters in books aren’t real, and I totally immerse myself in what I read.

Definitely a feel-good book.



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