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Canvas Photo Transfer










You guys!! I did a CRAFT!! Maybe I should start with- this is Monica writing… I did a CRAFT!! (cue the audience *gasp*!!)

Forgive me all the blurry night-time pictures, but to be honest, I wasn’t really thinking this would turn out. It actually turned out alright for my first effort! My dear sister, K, convinced me to try a craft and see how it went. I promised her that I would accept the challenge only if she agreed to 1.) give me specific instructions, and  2.) make it do-able and affordable for a first-time crafter.

This project totally met all that criteria- it was fun, relatively simple, and surprisingly cheap. It is called a ‘Canvas Photo Transfer’. Sounds pretty tough huh? I know. When Katie suggested this for my first craft, I burst out laughing. “I don’t think you understand what I mean by ‘do-able’ , K.” She assured me that it was easy and I’d be thrilled with the results, so she emailed me the instructions and told me to get going.

And I got going! What is a photo transfer? It is simply printing out a picture you love (enter: my adorable niece, Michaela) onto one sheet of tissue paper, and mod-podging it onto a canvas! The result is a canvas photo that looks like you paid to have it professionally printed. It costs around $10, and takes about a half hour. Unless your printer eats 7 sheets of your tissue paper before deciding to work. Then it takes a little bit longer and a little lot more patience.









Here’s what you’ll need!

Mod-Podge ( I bought a big bottle for $7, but you can buy smaller ones) ((another side note- Target does not carry this, you’ll have to hit Wal-Mart or Hobby Lobby!))

1 canvas, same size as the picture you want to print

white tissue paper (the standard gift-wrapping stuff)

foam brush (K used her fingers, but I opted for these since I’m a newb)



Start by taking your scissors and cutting out a single piece of tissue paper about the size of a regular piece of printer paper. I chose to do a 8×10 photo, so I bought a 8×10 canvas to match.

The trickiest part of this whole project is getting the printer to cooperate with you. It took me 7-10 tries to finally get a decent print-out on tissue paper- my sister suggested taping it to regular paper, but I couldn’t get that to work, as you can see.

my poor niece! I debated even putting this picture up, I felt so bad how it turned out!

take 2- still too wrinkly and ink spots where it caught… I’ll get it soon, Michaela!!

There we go… after many tries, I was happy with this one, even if it wasn’t perfect.























So, what I ended up doing was taking a loooong piece of tape and enforcing the top part of the tissue paper that feeds into the printer. I found that it went in smoothly after that. It’s hard to see, but I tried to get a picture for you:

see the clear tape of the top of the page?










After you have cleaned out scraps of tissue paper several times from your printer (ahem) and finally have a good picture smiling back at you, its time for the fun part!

Grab your canvas, foam brush, and mod podge. Set your tissue picture aside, and apply a thin layer of mod-podge directly to the canvas. Try to keep it pretty evenly distributed and work quickly so that it doesn’t dry unevenly. As soon as you have finished, take the tissue picture and make sure you center it as you apply it to the canvas. Don’t worry if there are extra flaps on the edge- we’ll take care of those later. Try to smooth out the wrinkles a bit, but be careful! You only have a few tries before it will start tearing!










Once you have it centered and laying how you want it, apply another light layer of mod-podge on top of the tissue picture and gently but firmly work those creases out. Again, be careful because it tears easily. But, as K said, if it does tear, no big deal. Push it back where it’s supposed to be and rub it back in! You’re in charge of that canvas!!!! 🙂

Then, I just took a sharp knife and trimmed away the extra paper and mod-podged the sides down onto the canvas. Then let it dry!

Aaaand WAH-LAH! Congratulations, you’re an artist!! Just kidding, but seriously, you kind of feel like one!

I will definitely be doing this again, it could be a great gift idea, or just decoration for your own home at a fraction of the cost of what it would normally be.

Give it a try! Hope you enjoy it as much as I did 🙂

Thanks, K!



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