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Best Party Dip Ever. With BACON.

So, apparently I have a penchant for ‘quick and easy’ recipes. **This recipe is from my best friend/cousin/person who set Curtis and I up, I forgot to give her credit earlier :)** I love the holidays- everything about them. Except the frazzled, hectic, ‘work-all-day-then-do-all-the-stuff-required-for-the-holidays’ stress. It gets overwhelming! So having some easy dishes to bring to parties is really helpful especially in this holiday season that we all love so much 🙂

So choose a really short Christmas song, and let’s get cooking!

This dip was for 12 people, so I had to make a lot! 2 bricks of cream cheese.

Voila! That’s it! It’s just a trip to the store and some layering. I served it with ‘everything’ crackers- the ones that have all the seeds in them.

And I didn’t use any measurements, it’s one of those ‘approximation’ recipes 🙂


P.S. I know the apricot jam sounds a little weird with everything else, but please try it. It’s savory and delicious!!! And you won’t be able to stop eating it.

Party Cracker Dip with Bacon

(serves 12)

2 bricks cream cheese, I used reduced fat

1 small jar apricot jam

2 cups (ish) shredded cheddar (medium, don’t use sharp cheddar)

2 bunches of green onions, chopped

cooked (very crispy!!) and chopped bacon- I used about half a pack of the smallest package available. If you don’t want to dirty your kitchen with a frying pan, use precooked bacon! The kind you toss in the microwave- a lot easier, but I personally feel that the flavor is better with fresh bacon 🙂

When layering, you want each layer to be mostly covered by the next, but still a little visible.

Serve with crackers and wine and enjoy!

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