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Bringing a New Name to ‘Picture Frame’

I’ve wanted to try out this craft for quite a while now, and I finally found a few (literally, a few) minutes to throw it together! I love how clean and polished this ended up looking, and for just a few bucks.

Hardest part: Finding a window frame.

Easiest part: Everything else.

Total crafting time: 15 minutes.

I say that finding the frame is the hardest part because I’ve been looking for a frame for weeks. Months, rather. And finally, on a random trip to IKEA, I found a frame buried in the very bottom of the clearance corner under cabinet parts with the glass still in tact! You gotta persevere, people. I knew what I wanted, and I searched high and low until I found a frame I liked.

Love the white frame.

This one happens to be a cabinet door frame that had built-in nail holes already so it was a win-win. Or win-win-win-win-win considering all the other ‘perfect stuff’ I found there. I’m not sure yet if IKEA is a blessing or a curse. But seriously- 78 cent kitchen towels? In a cute pattern that matches my kitchen? How do you not stock up? I ask you.

So the picture/window frame. I chose a P (on flickr, thank you toofarnorth!) for our last name, and I wanted to do the whole ‘Established January 2, 2010 so I messed around with fonts and styles and came up with this.

Letter, Wordage, and roll-y cutt-y thing making a reappearance

I decided to do the ‘est. 01.02.10’ part with some textured paper…

A little weave texture for the backing

And a little linen texture for the top piece to print the words on

(I have a 1/2 bag of mixed paper scraps from Flax, a craft store in San Francisco.)

Mod Podge is awesome.

Before permanentizing (not a word, I know) everything, I arranged everything the way I wanted it and made little marks with a dry erase marker so it was even.

So then I Mod-Podged (hereafter referred to as MP) the ‘word’ paper onto the darker paper and MP that right onto the glass. Now, for other projects in the past I do suggest MP over top of everything, but in this case (working on glass) I advise not Mod-Podging over everything. Just MP the backside but don’t worry if you can see it. It’s easy to get off, and I have a method at the end that gets all the excess MP off. So, I covered the backsides of everything with MP all the way to the edges, and smoothed it onto the glass.

Now, the trick to getting most gunky stuff off of glass:

A gift card or credit card of some sort and a little glass cleaner of your choice.

Voila! Clean glass!

So cute!

I love how a craft like this matches pretty much whatever room you choose to put it in! I made a conscious choice to use neutral colors so that it’s movable into any room in the house.

Seriously, 15 minutes. And it’s a great gift idea also! Mix it up, using photos, artwork, postcards, recipes…..really, the ideas are endless 🙂


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Canvas Photo Transfer










You guys!! I did a CRAFT!! Maybe I should start with- this is Monica writing… I did a CRAFT!! (cue the audience *gasp*!!)

Forgive me all the blurry night-time pictures, but to be honest, I wasn’t really thinking this would turn out. It actually turned out alright for my first effort! My dear sister, K, convinced me to try a craft and see how it went. I promised her that I would accept the challenge only if she agreed to 1.) give me specific instructions, and  2.) make it do-able and affordable for a first-time crafter.

This project totally met all that criteria- it was fun, relatively simple, and surprisingly cheap. It is called a ‘Canvas Photo Transfer’. Sounds pretty tough huh? I know. When Katie suggested this for my first craft, I burst out laughing. “I don’t think you understand what I mean by ‘do-able’ , K.” She assured me that it was easy and I’d be thrilled with the results, so she emailed me the instructions and told me to get going.

And I got going! What is a photo transfer? It is simply printing out a picture you love (enter: my adorable niece, Michaela) onto one sheet of tissue paper, and mod-podging it onto a canvas! The result is a canvas photo that looks like you paid to have it professionally printed. It costs around $10, and takes about a half hour. Unless your printer eats 7 sheets of your tissue paper before deciding to work. Then it takes a little bit longer and a little lot more patience.









Here’s what you’ll need!

Mod-Podge ( I bought a big bottle for $7, but you can buy smaller ones) ((another side note- Target does not carry this, you’ll have to hit Wal-Mart or Hobby Lobby!))

1 canvas, same size as the picture you want to print

white tissue paper (the standard gift-wrapping stuff)

foam brush (K used her fingers, but I opted for these since I’m a newb)



Start by taking your scissors and cutting out a single piece of tissue paper about the size of a regular piece of printer paper. I chose to do a 8×10 photo, so I bought a 8×10 canvas to match.

The trickiest part of this whole project is getting the printer to cooperate with you. It took me 7-10 tries to finally get a decent print-out on tissue paper- my sister suggested taping it to regular paper, but I couldn’t get that to work, as you can see.

my poor niece! I debated even putting this picture up, I felt so bad how it turned out!

take 2- still too wrinkly and ink spots where it caught… I’ll get it soon, Michaela!!

There we go… after many tries, I was happy with this one, even if it wasn’t perfect.























So, what I ended up doing was taking a loooong piece of tape and enforcing the top part of the tissue paper that feeds into the printer. I found that it went in smoothly after that. It’s hard to see, but I tried to get a picture for you:

see the clear tape of the top of the page?










After you have cleaned out scraps of tissue paper several times from your printer (ahem) and finally have a good picture smiling back at you, its time for the fun part!

Grab your canvas, foam brush, and mod podge. Set your tissue picture aside, and apply a thin layer of mod-podge directly to the canvas. Try to keep it pretty evenly distributed and work quickly so that it doesn’t dry unevenly. As soon as you have finished, take the tissue picture and make sure you center it as you apply it to the canvas. Don’t worry if there are extra flaps on the edge- we’ll take care of those later. Try to smooth out the wrinkles a bit, but be careful! You only have a few tries before it will start tearing!










Once you have it centered and laying how you want it, apply another light layer of mod-podge on top of the tissue picture and gently but firmly work those creases out. Again, be careful because it tears easily. But, as K said, if it does tear, no big deal. Push it back where it’s supposed to be and rub it back in! You’re in charge of that canvas!!!! 🙂

Then, I just took a sharp knife and trimmed away the extra paper and mod-podged the sides down onto the canvas. Then let it dry!

Aaaand WAH-LAH! Congratulations, you’re an artist!! Just kidding, but seriously, you kind of feel like one!

I will definitely be doing this again, it could be a great gift idea, or just decoration for your own home at a fraction of the cost of what it would normally be.

Give it a try! Hope you enjoy it as much as I did 🙂

Thanks, K!



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Peacock Sunburst Canvas

So last time M and I went into a craft store together, she talked me into buying this pack of Handmade Indian peacock paper just cuz it was pretty. So of course, I did.

I just love all the pretty colors….

I’ve been seeing all these cute ideas on Pinterest for crafts and I’ve totally been getting carried away with hoarding the craft supplies that I buy for them- supposedly saving them for ‘the perfect project’. I think I realized it when M came over to put stuff together for her sister-in-law’s baby shower. She would ask if I had glue and I’d bring out four different kinds. She’d ask for some scrapbook paper and receive a blank stare. ‘Please specify,’ I’d reply, ‘What color? Size? Theme?’. That was when I came to terms with the fact that I have a mini-craft store in my spare bedroom. (I was a little proud of my collection, not gonna lie. I like having options.) So now I have decided to craft for a bit with what I have already.  No more trips to the store. (Glue does not count. But since I have several bottles, I don’t think that will be an issue.)


So for this craft, I was inspired by a Pinterest find using canvas, paint, and scrapbook paper.

Aren’t the colors gorgeous!?









I painted over a canvas I had done awhile ago, just cuz I was sick of it and I really wanted to do this specific project on a larger scale.

I did like the blues…..but this baby needed to be grey. 😦









Then I used my peacock paper and cut leaf shapes out. I saved the scraps- I’m sure I’ll need them for something eventually. 🙂

I have no idea what the real name for that cutting device is, so I call it my ‘roll-y cutty thing‘. It’s truly wonderful. No wrist-soreness even after cutting about a hundred little leaf shapes. It is quite sharp too-  it can cut easily through poster board and fabric! I highly recommend it. I got it on sale at Joann’s. Apparently, it’s called a rotary cutter. I like my name better.

I wanted a sunburst look, so I cut a circle for the leaves to center around and started gluing!

I did sneak in a little piece of lace behind the center circle….just cuz I had some 🙂











The placement and gluing took some time. I spaced them out more the farther they got from the circle (which, you can’t tell here, is located in the bottom left of the canvas).








I like to utilize the sides of my canvases. I don’t frame anything, so the sides need to be part of the art 🙂

Here’s the finished project! I really want to hang it in my kitchen once its painted- the color scheme will work very well together, I think.










I love it. 🙂 But now my canvas supply is seriously depleted…..No. I will use the 8 x 10 ones I have before I go get more. I will be patient. I will….



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Woodcrafting: Peacock

Woodcrafting is kind of dangerous for me. I’m not known for being graceful- I’m admittedly very clumsy. But this style of crafting is slowly becoming one of my favorites. I regret that I don’t have many photos of the different stages of this project (I’m still getting in the habit of taking pictures as I go).

Anyways, this is the soldering iron that I bought at Home Depot for about $18 and it was totally worth the money.

It came with a few different attachment tips- one like a slotted screwdriver head (my favorite), a pencil tip (surprisingly NOT my favorite), and another slotted tip at an angle. I also purchased a piece of wood. What kind did I purchase? I have no idea. Didn’t even look. Sorry! I promise I’ll do better next time- but I do know that it was a harder type of wood which seemed helpful for this particular choice of style. I found a picture of a peacock that I liked and freehanded it onto the wood using pencil. Then I started burning. This took like 4 hours of straight concentration. Usually when I draw or craft I have an audiobook in the background or some kind of soundtrack (currently Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat with Donny Osmond) but for this project I needed silence. This teeny little tool gets hot. I really got a kick out of burning holes in paper while working on this (?). So I’m clumsy and an admitted pyro. Not the best combination! However, this first wood burning project was quite successful, and I will be doing many more of them!

I didn’t get many close-ups of the details, but I will post more soon!



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