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Father’s Day

Ah, man. These two just make my heart pound.

It’s hard to describe your love for two people at the same time, one whom I’ve known since I was 14 and the other I’ve known for 112 days.


All I know is, Joey has taken my heart and kept it. Since he became the daddy of our little Gabs, somehow that has made me love him even more. Knowing that our daughter will be the apple of his eye for the rest of her life does something for my own heart, and gives me a settling feeling of utter contentment and joy.

That is a gift that will make all the difference to her, and I am so in love with my husband for giving her that gift. God gave Gabs and me a good, good man.


Happy Father’s Day to my best friend and man o’ the house.



P.S. Also, a very Happy Father’s Day to my own dads. I love you all, and I wouldn’t be the person I am today without each one of you.




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