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Cleaning House

Starting the summer off with the wedding of my cousin (who is has also been one of my best friends since I moved to California) is probably going to be really hard to beat! The wedding itself was beautiful- Ashley has a way of making her visions come to life, and this was no exception. It looked like a fairy tale!!! I’m waiting for pictures to be posted because I, dork that I am, barely took any photos at all. We’ll have to rely on M for those.
As M mentioned, last weekend was also baby sisters graduation from high school. Not sure how I feel about that yet….
…happy that she’s done with high school?
…excited that she gets to start college?
….I feel really old? (Maybe)
….feel like she should still be collecting rocks and playing tea party with Kool-Aid and Cheerios?
that’s it.

Ah well. We all have to grow up eventually. 😉 I’m sure Linds feels like we wish she’d be 4 forever! Hehe…;)

I started off my summer after wedding and graduation by tackling my toilet. Sorry for the face plant into my reality, but there ya go. My home suffered during this past semester so it is now time for spring cleaning! And it wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it was going to be. For years I have tried to use a pumice stone- never again. Drywall sanding screens are the only thing that even made a dent and my toilet bowl looks brand new. I’d post a picture, but I forgot to do a ‘before’ shot and I feel like that might be too much info for one post. You’re welcome. 🙂
P.s. here’s two pics of two cuties just cuz it’s Thursday.



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Jasper Grows Up

Speaking of children growing older– my baby, Jasper, is getting humongous. He is no longer the teeny tiny little ball of fur he once was.

How precious is he, I ask you? At just a few days old...

How precious is he, I ask you? At just a few days old…


Now he weighs like, 40.

5 months/about 4 years in human age 🙂

Let me tell you something about this dog. I mentioned before that he is an indoor dog who is allowed in the bed. I thought I would be the one regretting this but after Curtis nearly got pushed out of bed the other night by our 40 pound ‘puppy’, I think he is now the one regretting it. Heehee!

He starts out sleeping at the foot of the bed and winds up….



In yo’ face. Literally, we wake up in the morning and he is sleeping between our heads. Not okay.

But apparently, we’re just a pair of pushovers over here. This does not bode well for us when we have children.

But of course, we’ll simply learn to say ‘no’. Cuz it’s that easy.



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Pulled Pork and Vegetable Stuffed Bell Pepper Boats


Sorry so blurry, taken through the screen!

Sorry so blurry, taken through the screen!

Look at my 3 adorable pups. Jaz was staring at me through the window as I was making breakfast this morning as if to say, “You’re wasting time making breakfast when you COULD be taking me out for a walk??” We get that attitude a lot from our dogs. 😉

Napping together, and Ghost has a paw on Jaz! How sweet :)

Napping together, and Ghost has a paw on Jaz! How sweet 🙂

Today my exercise regimen is planned to look like this:

4 mile brisk walk (sub 14 min. miles)

20 minutes strength yoga (free Dave Farmar podcast!!)

30 lunges at each mile marker on my walk

I’m loving the free RunKeeper app on my iPhone- it keeps track of pace, distance, time & calories burned and keeps me working hard! I always feel great after an invigorating workout but this may be somewhat of a stretch since fast walking is getting more difficult these days… We shall see how it goes! After my walk, my plans for the day include getting some groceries for GAME DAY tomorrow, cleaning house, and finally packing my hospital bag for delivery!! Any suggestions from mommas out there for what essentials to pack?

On to dinner from the other night!

I’ve been falling back in love with my Crock-pot as of late- there’s something so freeing about tossing some ingredients in a big hot pot and knowing that dinner will be ready later that night without so so much as another thought. The other day I dug way back into our deep freezer (man, I need to clean that thing out…) and found a big ol’ pork butt! Heehee. HEY. Grow up.  🙂


It was frozen rock solid, so I just tossed it in the crock pot on high all day and by the end of the night, we had a LARGE amount of pork. I was just going to shred the pork with forks, but it was taking a while and not as ‘fall-apart’ as I would have liked it, so I thought I’d toss it in the food processor and make quick work of it.


I underestimated the power of the processor. Basically turned my lovely pork butt into dog food. What I had hoped would happen was that it would shred the meat, but I must have processed it too long (10 sec is too long?!) and it looked like canned Purina! Ick.  So… instead of pulled pork buns for dinner, I called an audible and decided to go a different route to mask the dog food look of the delicious meat! Which maybe I should clarify- it did not taste like dog food, promise. 


These peppers are chock full of vegetables, and then the tasty filling is loaded into yet ANOTHER vegetable. That’s my kind of dinner! Filling, but nutritious and delicious. It’s rapidly becoming one of Joey’s favorite meals too! Slam dunk.


I’m sure it’ll be a hit with your family too!

Happy Saturday to you!




Pulled Pork and Vegetable Stuffed Pepper Boats


1 pork butt, cooked and shredded (seasoned with S&P and chicken broth for 10 hours)

4 oz chopped baby bella mushrooms

3 bell peppers, color of your choice

2 cups wild rice, cooked

3 small tomatoes, chopped

1 large onion, chopped

1 tsp salt

1/2 tsp pepper

1/4 cup parmesan cheese

3 slices mozzarella cheese, for topping

3/4 cup black beans (optional)

1/2 tsp red pepper flakes (if you like some heat!)



Wash all vegetables prior to handling. Preheat oven to 400 degrees.

Cut off tops of bell peppers and scrape out the seeds. Set the tops aside.

Spray the peppers with cooking spray and put in oven to soften as you prepare the filling. (About 10-15 minutes)

Save as much bell pepper ‘meat’ as you can from the tops and dice. Add bell pepper and onion to a large pan and saute until translucent, season with salt & pepper. After cooking for a few minutes, add diced mushrooms, black beans, tomatoes, and cooked rice to the pan. Season with red pepper and parmesan. Stir in pulled pork to filling- taste and season more as necessary with S&P.

Take peppers out of the oven, and stuff with filling. Top with a slice of mozzarella cheese and put back into oven for about 25 minutes until thoroughly heated through. (everything is already cooked, so oven time is minimal!)

** I usually stuff a whole bell pepper, but lately I’ve been cutting the bell pepper in half length-wise and making ”bell pepper boats” – half the portion and still very filling!**



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Today, I am a happy lil camper because:

1.) It’s Friday!! and…I have the whole weekend off! Being a nurse, I am not usually so lucky, so my mind is going a million miles an hour thinking of all the things I want to do!

2.) Its NATIONAL DAIRY MONTH!! Did you guys know that? As you can see, I am fully prepared.

3.) Its my Grandpa-in-law’s birthday celebration on Sunday. I think I’ll bake him something extra special. Not sure what yet, but I have a few ideas floating around in my head. Any suggestions?

4.) I am feeling extra joyful today! I had a long- awaited Skype date last night with one of my dear roommates from college, who now lives in Canada! It was so fun to hear how different things are there- and such a great growing experience for her & her husband to be in a place so far from home. I’m just thankful she and I are on the same coast! Plus, she’s a dairy girl- and told me that dairy products are about 25% more expensive there, major bummer. I’ll drink an extra glass of milk for her today. And maybe have some extra ice cream too. All for you, Amanda!

A mug of milk for Amanda- it might be her mug too! Oops.

5.) Friends are wonderful. Cherish the ones that you have, and tell them you love them! Whether new or old, near or far, I am just so thankful for every single one of them. Go hug yours. And I’ll hug mine. God is good!

6.) I’m going on a date with my husband tonight. I LOVE dates with my husband.

7.) I think I’ll take my pups on an extra walk this weekend. I have not always loved dogs like I do now- ask my mom. (Champ, R.I.P.) just kidding, he didn’t die. But if he had stayed with me much longer, things weren’t looking so good. Now I have 3 German shepherds, and until I have children of my own, I shall continue to treat them as if they are my babies. I’m hoping my kiddos don’t have issues with chasing cars and hip dysplasia, though.

tug of war- Jaz doesn’t like this game like these two do.

8.) Why did I do this to myself?

9.) I made about 4 billion meatballs last night to freeze for future meals. Joey loves these meatballs, and I feel accomplished by making meals ahead of time. Win-win.

10.) I love that it gets so light so early in the morning- I am an early riser, most always. I try to get my exercise in the mornings, it always revs up my body to tackle the rest of the day. Also, I’m getting better at reading the Bible in the mornings. Even on my days off, I want to wake up as early as possible to enjoy every minute of free time. (Admittedly, there are exceptions to this)


ENJOY your weekend, eat some ice cream, thank a dairyman, and hug your friends.


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