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Sharpies in the Washing Machine…

My job (coffeehouse) requires that I have at least one sharpie on my person at all times. My other job (drycleaners) requires that I check all pockets of clothing before cleaning.

So, when I’m doing laundry at home you’d think I would be extra smart and check my pockets for sharpies before putting stuff in the washing machine. You’d think.

You can see where this story is going.

I ruined one of my favorite shirts that I’ve had since before I got married- three years ago! Which, aside from long-term attachment, means it’s no longer in stores.

And it was so cute 😦

I love the color and fit and style!

I love the color and fit and style!

These ugly little marks are ALL OVER

These ugly little marks are ALL OVER


After wallowing in self pity and frustration with myself, I decided this was not over. In the deep recesses of my bathroom cupboard, I found two bottles of RIT dye, less than $4 a bottle, one was blue and one black.

I loosely followed the directions using the sink method, I used about 1 gallon of hot water to about 1/3 of the blue bottle 1/4 of the black and stirred constantly for 20 minutes. Then I rinsed it until the water ran clear and washed it alone and dried it on the delicate cycle.



I’m serious, I was not expecting this to work. I love that the sequins stayed pink and that every single sharpie mark is no longer visible! The shade of purple is not like anything I have in my closet, so it’s kind of like I’m stepping outside of my usual ‘color box’ with this ‘brand-new’ three year old shirt.

So, if you ever have a little mishap like mine, try the dye method instead of spending big bucks on the same exact thing! Totally opens up new doors for older items that have faded too 🙂



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