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Bringing a New Name to ‘Picture Frame’

I’ve wanted to try out this craft for quite a while now, and I finally found a few (literally, a few) minutes to throw it together! I love how clean and polished this ended up looking, and for just a few bucks.

Hardest part: Finding a window frame.

Easiest part: Everything else.

Total crafting time: 15 minutes.

I say that finding the frame is the hardest part because I’ve been looking for a frame for weeks. Months, rather. And finally, on a random trip to IKEA, I found a frame buried in the very bottom of the clearance corner under cabinet parts with the glass still in tact! You gotta persevere, people. I knew what I wanted, and I searched high and low until I found a frame I liked.

Love the white frame.

This one happens to be a cabinet door frame that had built-in nail holes already so it was a win-win. Or win-win-win-win-win considering all the other ‘perfect stuff’ I found there. I’m not sure yet if IKEA is a blessing or a curse. But seriously- 78 cent kitchen towels? In a cute pattern that matches my kitchen? How do you not stock up? I ask you.

So the picture/window frame. I chose a P (on flickr, thank you toofarnorth!) for our last name, and I wanted to do the whole ‘Established January 2, 2010 so I messed around with fonts and styles and came up with this.

Letter, Wordage, and roll-y cutt-y thing making a reappearance

I decided to do the ‘est. 01.02.10’ part with some textured paper…

A little weave texture for the backing

And a little linen texture for the top piece to print the words on

(I have a 1/2 bag of mixed paper scraps from Flax, a craft store in San Francisco.)

Mod Podge is awesome.

Before permanentizing (not a word, I know) everything, I arranged everything the way I wanted it and made little marks with a dry erase marker so it was even.

So then I Mod-Podged (hereafter referred to as MP) the ‘word’ paper onto the darker paper and MP that right onto the glass. Now, for other projects in the past I do suggest MP over top of everything, but in this case (working on glass) I advise not Mod-Podging over everything. Just MP the backside but don’t worry if you can see it. It’s easy to get off, and I have a method at the end that gets all the excess MP off. So, I covered the backsides of everything with MP all the way to the edges, and smoothed it onto the glass.

Now, the trick to getting most gunky stuff off of glass:

A gift card or credit card of some sort and a little glass cleaner of your choice.

Voila! Clean glass!

So cute!

I love how a craft like this matches pretty much whatever room you choose to put it in! I made a conscious choice to use neutral colors so that it’s movable into any room in the house.

Seriously, 15 minutes. And it’s a great gift idea also! Mix it up, using photos, artwork, postcards, recipes…..really, the ideas are endless 🙂


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