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School is OUT!

It’s FINALLY OVER! Finals have all been taken, papers turned in, books returned, and barely 24 hours have passed!
I celebrated this wonderful end of the semester by driving up to Ripon so I can babysit my beautiful niece, and it turned into a lovely afternoon! I got to visit with my friend Jess who just returned from a six week mission trip to Africa!! It was so wonderful to hear how God used her there, and some of the stories she had made me want to go! Maybe in the next few years πŸ™‚
After catching up with Jess, I literally dragged M shopping. She whined almost the whole way until we got into the dressing room and she remembered that she does, in fact, enjoy it. πŸ˜‰
THEN my momma and I had a mother/daughter date night! M already had plans for the night, so she thanked me ever so much for making her go shopping and headed home.

Mom and I grabbed some Chinese food from New China (hands down best chicken chow mein, deep fried green beans and BBQ pork ever), some redbox movies (Pitch Perfect was awesome!!!) and some candy before settling down to relax. It was delightful.
And now, as I lay down, I find myself at a loss…before I fall asleep I am so used to blocking out my schedule for homework and work and school and housecleaning that I can’t get out of the habit!
I think I might sketch a bit….maybe read something good…..come up with some ideas on dating my hubby…..or just do nothing for one hot minute.
So happy to be back.


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Happy Birthday Mom!

It’s our wonderful Mom’s birthday today! We are so blessed to have such an amazing woman for our mom. She has always been there for us in every part of our lives- cheering us on, lifting us up, and encouraging us in every way possible.

K and Mom

K and Mom πŸ™‚

Lindsey and Mom ❀

M and Mom πŸ™‚

Mom and M on her wedding day πŸ™‚











All the kids together!











The whole fam πŸ™‚








Happy Birthday Mom. We love you so much! You have been there for all of us in every part of our lives and that means more than we could possibly say.

Love, K&M


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The Thornbirds (Colleen McCullough)

Even though this is my ‘new copy’, the back cover is missing….

This is another one of my favorite books that I just read recently- for probably the 22nd time. My friend Jess gave this copy to my for my birthday a couple years ago.

She got a new copy because she saw my tattered hand-me-down one falling apart on my bedside table. It looked pretty rough. There may have been an entire roll of tape involved. I remember her making fun of me for keeping such an old, messed-up book….and then getting me a new copy πŸ™‚ Such a good friend.

This is kind of a throwback book by McCullough, I’ve checked out some of her other books and there are none that have really caught me like this one- Before this she has written a lot of books based in Rome, B.C., so this is a totally different era for her. Β It’s another one that spans over many years and follows three main characters. It’s starts in New Zealand and follows the Cleary family to Australia where a new and better life awaits them. It really is a beautiful story- a romance mainly- but there is illicit love, a little bit of politics (not much, or I’d be completely bored), family secrets, and every day struggles. Fiona (Fee), Meggie, and Justine are the three protagonists- mother, daughter, and granddaughter. Throughout the book Meggie grows up and later discovers how some of her mother’s choices mirror her own and eventually alter her relationship with her own daughter. There is a T.V series that was done in the 80’s and I could not get into it. They stuck to the book really well for the most part but I think it really bugged me that Meggie didn’t have ‘titian hair’ in it. Sounds kind of lame saying it out loud (or would that be ‘on internet’?) but it’s true. If I remember correctly, she had black hair on the show. Brown is at least close, but black? C’mon. So I don’t recommend watching the show, but that’s just my inability to adapt to other people’s perception of what titian hair looks like.

Like our nicknames? Mine’s eitak….:)

This is a good, meaty (as in, not fluffy) novel that goes really well with a cup of coffee and followed with some Momma/Sister/Daughter time….Speaking of which, I believe M. and I are due for some hangout time at WholeFoods….

In the words of my baby sister, ‘I remember the first time I read the Thornbirds….it was magical. Magical.’



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