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Virtual Coffee Date


Good morning! It feels like ages since I (~M~) have posted anything… and I have a good reason! Our internet has been down all week and after much ado, we have finally figured out the problem and are back in full swing. What a headache! Honestly, I have so much respect for people who understand technical computer-y things, because it is a Pandora’s box to me. Example:

“I’m calling because our Internet has been down the past few days and we are not sure why…”

“Ok, we can help with that. Can you check to make sure all the cables are plugged into your router?”

“Sure!…. Um… which one is the router?”


Yup. No hope for me. Anyways, 8 phone calls, 1 trip to the Internet store, and an hour and a half of reconfiguring our network later, we are back in business!!

Seeing as it’s been a while… I was thinking to myself- when I haven’t seen a friend in a while and we need to catch up, I usually suggest a coffee date! So, why not have ourselves a little virtual coffee date? Grab a mug of joe and let’s catch up!


If we were having coffee this morning, I would tell you that I have spent the past few days thoroughly enjoying a new little hobby I’ve started! I’ve been working less lately and been trying to stay as busy as possibly to take my attention away from just waiting for this baby to be ready to come out. I found this tutorial on Pinterest for how to make boutique style burp cloths and it is SO fun! I can’t wait to send some out to some unsuspecting pregnant ladies I know- hopefully they like them as much as I do!


If we were having coffee this morning, I’d also be treating myself to a fully caffeinated coffee drink. Because it’s a special occasion. I’d also tell you that I FINALLY got frozen yogurt yesterday!!! And a pedicure. It was a special occasion- hanging out with one of my dear friends who is also pregnant!!


I’d also be excited to tell you that our nursery is pretty much finished!! It was such a fun project and we are just missing one vital piece now…. our baby. I just love how the room turned out- the walls are neutral, and we have pops of color everywhere that are just happy! My favorite thing about the room so far is the chair… I may or may not spend a little of each morning reading my devotions in that huge overstuffed chair.




If we were having coffee this morning, I’d tell you about a new challenge I’m setting for myself. It’s driving me a little bonkers to not be working as much, since I’m used to contributing to our finances and being busy. Now that I’m not bringing in as much financially, I want to make some changes and be as frugal as possible! I always loved the idea of Dave Ramsey’s envelope budgeting system, but never really cracked down and challenged myself to adhere to it. Katy, the adorable gal you see in the froyo pic, said she’s doing it and loves it!  So, here goes- i think my biggest challenge will be in the grocery department. I am the number one offender at picking up 10 different food items when I only needed one. Hopefully this works! How do you guys budget?

Well, my coffee is almost cold now. Time for a second cup!



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30 weeks!

Happy 30 weeks to my little peanut!


He/she is definitely growing quickly in there… and loving to move around. On mornings that I don’t work, I tend to stay in bed a little bit longer than usual, and just enjoy the movement I feel from in there- and at the same time, let my mind go crazy wondering if its a SON or a DAUGHTER we have in there!!

The suspense… It’s driving me wonderfully crazy.

How far along? Exactly 30 weeks!

Do you think it’s a boy or a girl? We go back and forth. Both of us 100% want a girl… and 100% want a boy. So we’re good either way 😉

Maternity clothes? Oh yes! I wear some non-maternity clothes from time to time, but the maternity apparel is way more comfortable.

Stretch marks? Still clear! My dear friend Jess got me some ‘Bio Oil’ to prevent stretching because she heard awesome things about it- so far so good!

Sleep? Sleeping well- I used to be a tummy sleeper so that was an adjustment, but no more soreness or mid-night bathroom breaks… weird?

Movement? Tons! And its visible from the outside- which Joey is mesmerized by… and a little freaked out sometimes.

Any cravings? Not really… I did eat far too many Hershey kisses this past weekend which made me feel sick. But darn, they were good. Oh, and I probably have one Arnold Palmer every single day. Almost.

Been feeling good? Yup! Feeling great- no nausea, energy is good, and been able to continue exercising. I had been comfortable jogging most days, but lately it’s been a little more uncomfortable so I have swapped jogging for power walking or the elliptical. I’m excited to try some prenatal yoga next Monday which is taught by one of my good friends! I’m hoping that will help with some of the low back pain I’ve been having… ouch.

Side note: SO many people in our community are pregnant right now, it’s amazing! Hopefully everyone is feeling well and getting enough rest. One thing that was a HUGE relief for me was switching out the regular prenatal horse-sized pills for the fruit-flavored gummy ones. I would try try try to keep those huge pills down every day, but either couldn’t keep them down, or just forgot  avoided taking them. Which made me feel like a horrible mom-before-I’m-a-mom. So my mom and I went to the store and found some gummy fruity prenatal pills and I look forward to taking them every day! They aren’t quite as nutrient packed as the horse pills, but something is better than nothing- And I try to take one of the nasty ones at least once a week. Worked for me, hope it helps someone else who may be struggling with the pranatals.

Nursery update!




A working progress! We got most of our furniture, just have to assemble the crib. And I just love how it looks- and by the way, we didn’t end up painting gray- we went neutral with ‘Fig Cookie’ tan… and now I’m wondering what a fig cookie would taste like…

So that’s what’s up over here- 10 weeks to go!!!

See ya soon, my babe.




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