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Mexican Rice: Spiced up!



At a total loss as to what to make for dinner Tuesday night, I had completely forgotten about some Mexican rice a co-worker had made for me the night before. I don’t know what exactly he puts in it, but it’s magical. He’s explained it to me before, but I’m usually too busy cramming the rice in my mouth to pay attention to his directions. My bad. 🙂

Tossed some steak (or chicken, if that’s what you’re feelin) in a saute pan with a little S&P, added some green chiles from a can, some pico de gallo, taco seasoning and some Tapatio. Once that was all done, I threw the rice in there and kept it on medium low heat, stirring all the while, til it was all hot! A little shredded cheddar topped it off beautifully….

Use chips as utensils, eat nacho style, or as a regular stir-fry….Curtis scarfed it down like I hadn’t fed him in days.

Which, to be honest, I probably haven’t made a sit down dinner in about a week. Thank goodness God blessed me with a man who can cook for himself if he has to!

The end is in sight, guys- exams next week and then……..FREEDOM! Never thought I’d look forward to ‘just work’ so much…..



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BBQ time is here!

While I am a self-proclaimed ‘winter’ girl, there is definitely something about those beautiful nights out on the patio that do make me excited for summer.



We had a few friends over last weekend and they came over for some tri tip, grilled veggies, and of course wine 🙂



It was a lovely preview of what my spring break will hopefully be like! I totally stole a recipe from M, too….hope she doesn’t mind. But it was a huge hit, suuuper easy to make, and we’ve had it probably 4 times this last week! When I find something I like, I have a habit of cooking it over and over again til we are both sick of it and I have to move on….this one’s still on the menu!

After a long afternoon of Jasper waiting and waiting for our guests to arrive (they are the owners of his sister, Stella) he conked out around 11 and barely moved til 7:30 the next morning! What a hard life he leads…:)



Yes, he sleeps at the foot of our bed. I caved. And I once claimed to not be a dog person?!?!

Yes, he sleeps at the foot of our bed. I caved. And I once claimed to not be a dog person?!?!

Happy BBQing!


P.S. Jasper really is such a little munchkin…

Look at him huggin that pillow :)

Look at him huggin that pillow 🙂

Veggie Stir-Fry

This amount serves 4 with some leftovers

*aside from the cabbage, feel free to toss in what veggies sound good to you!*


3 cups chopped cabbage (1 whole head will last a week or so)

3 zucchini squash

1 1/2 cups sliced mushrooms

2 onion sliced

2 green bell peppers sliced


1 egg (trust me, M knows what she’s talking about here)

3 TBSP Spicy Szechuan Sauce (or sauce of your choice. M used a sesame ginger dressing)

S&P to taste


Add the olive oil to a hot frying pan. Add cabbage

In a large frying pan, add all the veggies one at a time, about a minute in between each, giving them time to cook a bit. Once all the veggies are in the pan and are cooking, scoot them to the side a bit. There will not be much room, and that’s okay- you just want a little free space to drop that egg in there. Crack the egg in, let it cook for 30 seconds or so, then chop it up and stir it in with everything else. Add the sauce and salt and pepper to taste, let the veggies cook all the way through, and enjoy!!

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Teppanyaki at Home

My hubby gave me a break from cooking this weekend cuz I was feeling a bit under the weather. And let me just say, when he cooks- he goes all the way. I plan on picking up the cooking tomorrow morning with some of M’s English Muffin French Toast….makes getting out of bed early look worth it! I’ll let ya know how it goes 🙂

Anyways, I was spoiled with eggs and toast on Saturday and yesterday he first tackled my messy kitchen and then made some teppanyaki for lunch! So. Good. He was kind enough to share his recipe and techniques so you all can have a shot at making it!

Here’s a glimpse of the dish:

Mmmm...all those veggies make my mouth water!

Mmmm…all those veggies make my mouth water!

It’s a great way to make a $60 restaurant dinner for under $15 at home 🙂





steak or chicken ( we bought whatever was on sale, and the normal serving for two in your household)

3 zucchini squash, sliced

1 c mushrooms, sliced

1 onion, roughly chopped

1 large carrot, roughly chopped

House of Tsang Szechuan Spicy Stir-Fry Sauce (this is the sauce we chose because we like spicy spicy. There are milder versions)


Chop all ingredients to about the same size.

In a large frying pan or wok, heat the oil on High. If you choose to do chicken and steak together like they do in the restaurants, cook the chicken first so it’s done all the way through. Then cook the steak to your liking. When your meat is just about done, add enough sauce so that it coats all the meat. Remove meat from pan and cover to keep hot. Do not rinse pan!

Now, add a bit more oil to the pan before adding all the vegetables. Stir often while letting vegetables caramelize for about 5 minutes or so until veggies are done. Again, when they are nearly done, add enough sauce to coat the veggies.

Serve piping hot.

Feeds 2 1/2 people. (Curtis usually has seconds, I don’t. Hence, the 1/2. :D)

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