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I woke up this morning with a need for food ASAP. As good as K’s breakfast looked yesterday, I still defaulted to my habit of a Greek Yog mess…. I just can’t shake the habit. It’s too good.

3/4 cup Plain 0% Greek Yogurt, 1 cup berry blend, 1/2 cup Fiber One Cereal

3/4 cup Plain 0% Greek Yogurt, 1 cup berry blend, 1/2 cup Fiber One Cereal

As perfectly satisfying and delicious as this breakfast is, I’m pretty sure I’m making that egg sandwich for a Sunday morning breakfast tomorrow. Saturdays really are just awesome days, aren’t they?? Usually I work on Saturdays, but it just so happens that today I DON’T and therefore I get to indulge in all the gloriousness of an actual weekend!! Added bonus- Joey isn’t usually as busy on Saturdays so we even had breakfast together today!

After breakfast- we watched the beginning of the Arsenal vs. Newcastle soccer game and then Joey had to go out and work for a while. I had been playing with our new toy we got for Christmas (AAAhh!!!) but then decided to get my brisk on and take our pups for a long walk. Exercise lately has been somewhat of a challenge for me since I’ve been having a little more round ligament pain due to my ever enlarging pregnant belly- I definitely have not been able to run anymore comfortably, and have been sticking to brisk walking and a few times a week I try to hit the gym and use the elliptical and some weights. I get lots of friendly advice to ‘not push it’ during pregnancy and want to reassure everyone that I talk with my doctor often about what is acceptable during pregnancy, and make sure to never overdo it during a sweat session! Having a healthy & fit pregnancy has always been important to me, but as the countdown for this little peanut gets smaller and smaller, I am reminding myself there will be plenty of time to get back in shape after babe is born, so for now I’m enjoying a little more rest and relaxation šŸ™‚




Also, it’s hard to drag myself to the gym when walking my dogs is so much more entertaining!! This pic of Samson (the goofball in the second picture) was taken right before he jumped up and almost knocked me overĀ  gave me a muddy good morning hug. We were out for over and hour and I came back feeling so invigorated!

Lots more to do today, including going to my friend Ash’s house to help with wedding crafts- definitely looking forward to some girly crafting time!

Lunch will probably look like this…




Roasted assorted veggies with goat cheese and peanut sauce for the win! This combo is so dang good.. I just threw together a peanut sauce with some creamy PB, soy sauce and a little sriracha. Ā Keepin’ it light because Joey is taking me out for a surprise location dinner and to see Les Miserables tonight!! Saving room for a hearty dinner and movie snacks, of course. It’s not a movie without Sour Patch Kids, ya’ll.

Enjoy your weekend, and hope you have a GREAT rest of 2012!!




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Never Gets Old

Happy Monday!

I had a haaard time waking up this morning. Luckily I only live about 12 minutes from where I work, so rolling out of bed at 7:20 unfortunately does happen sometimes. I only had to work half the day today, so the rest of the day is free for finally changing my tires, and more importantly excitingly, my first session of prenatal yoga! I’ve been looking forward to this forever, so I’ll let you know how it goes- my flexibility leaves a lot to be desired these days.

My good friend Katy is training to be a yoga instructor, so it’ll be so fun to see her in action! We used to go to yoga/ the gym together every once in a while, but its been a while- time for some downward dog!


I started out this morning with the same breakfast I’ve been having every weekday for the past 3 months. Plain greek yogurt, fiber one cereal, and frozen bluebs (blueberries). Never gets old. I’ll be back tomorrow with a recipe for an extra special Sunday morning breakfast treat from this past weekend!


Do any of you have a go-to breakfast?


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